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October 17, 2016

Paris at it’s best – A sunny running tour in Paris with Cameron and Ray

Paris Running Tour

Conditions were better today than they’ve ever been: Glorious sunny morning with a hint of a chill in the air. Sublime. Perfect for running Paris was really showing off it’s best. I couldn’t help but smile.

Heading out on the tour today was Cameron from Miami, who now lives in London and uses his new base as a springboard for interesting weekends on the continent. Joining us on the running tour was Ray, better known as DC Rainmaker from his triathlon product reviews website. Chances are if you’ve ever looked up a review for that GPS running watch you were thinking of buying (or anything else running related for that matter) you’ve been to Ray’s website. If it doesn’t ring a bell you should do yourself a favour and go get aquainted:

Stoked to have them both along for today’s run.

Did I mention the weather was good? I mean, really good? Damn good!

This week we were back to the old favorites of Rive Gauche: Notre-Dame, The Pantheon, Luxembourg Gardens, the unpopular Saint Sulpice, Les Invalides, Le Petit and Grand Palais’., the Champs-Élysées, Arc de Triomphe, Place de la Concorde, the Tuileries Gardens and, finally, the Louvre and Pont des Arts. All in glorious Autumn sunshine.

Cameron and Ray were great chat, with urban snowboarding, stories of sneaky american espionage and racing Santa’s – of all things – on the talking list. At time’s I forgot that I was supposed to be doing a tour…

Good times. I can’t think of a better way to spend the morning.

Check out Ray’s review of the tour here. Not bad!!

If you’d like to come along for a tour on your next trip to Paris, you can get in touch with me here, or on Facebook and, yes, even instagram. Yep…. instagram…

October 12, 2016

Palais Royal, Opera, The Louvre – A perfect day in Paris for a running tour

Paris Running Tour


A short and sweet run today on a gorgeous chilly morning in Paris: Perfect for running!

Took a bit of a different route on today’s run, focusing more on the Rive Droite (the north side of the Seine) rather than the usual Rive Gauche.

It was a good run, taking in the usual favourites of the Institute de France, Pont des Arts and the Louvre, and then moving on to new places like the Palais Royal, the other world famous Opera house… and then on to Les Halles and the underrated Saint Eustache cathedral, and then on to Chatelet to finish up.

A cheeky 5k loop on the north side of town. Not bad, but I think that next week we’ll be back to Rive Gauche and the usual favourites!!

If you’d like to come for and running tour you can get in touch with me here or Facebook, Meetup and Google+.

August 19, 2016

Espionage! And our first ever all-in-French running tour

Paris Running Tour

We have a tail…

While waiting for runners on the Pont Neuf bridge I noticed an older man run past, I knew that I knew him from somewhere, and then it cogged that it looked like one of the runners from the other (paid) running tours in town. I recognized him from their website. At least I thought it was him.

If it is him, what’s he doing here? Is he just on a run? Or is he here to scope out the “competition”?

He’s dressed all in black. Very covert…

He runs a stones throw away down the bridge and then stops, and then waits. I’m watching him out of the corner of my eye, and even though there are much nicer things to look at, like the Louvre, the Pont des Arts, or even just watch the Seine go by, he’s watching me.

For ten minutes. Creepin!

Anyway. A bright looking young man rocks up on a Velib’ bike and asks if this is the free running tour of Paris.

It is indeed.

Emilio is from Chile

I left out the “EMILIOOOOOOOO!!!” bit – I reckon it would have been past his time.

Anyway. Emilio has been in Paris for a month, has been studying French for only three months, and his level is already better than mine. And he’d studying piano. Not learning. Studying.

Studying piano in Paris.

Evidently something of a prodigy, young Emilio.

A mate of mine, Matt, came along for the run. Matt’s also new(ish) to Paris, and keen to see more of it.

Both of them are very keen to boost their French level (as am I), and so off we go, speaking nothing but French (except where I really get stuck by a word. Like “narrow”…)

We get to Notre Dame Cathedral and, on the way past, I stop abruptly because I forgot to mention an interesting tidbit, and who should come jogging towards us, but our all-in-black tail.


Totally sprung.

I give him a big smile and a knowing nod on the way through.

I think he know’s that I know that he knows…

I should have stopped him and thanked him – If he wasn’t charging 85 euros for a one hour running tour I wouldn’t have ever started in the first place…

We see him again in the Latin Quarter, obviously starting to get a little lost… And we end up shaking him off through the narrow alleyways.

Good fun.

From there it’s the usual route: Panthéon, Luxembourg Gardens, Les Invalides, views of The Eiffel Tower, the Champs-Élysées, Place de la Concordethe Tuileries Gardens and, finally, the Louvre.

Luxembourg gardens were on point today. Deeply green in the slightly overcast conditions. The best I’ve seen them.

As usual us runners chatted away. Sometimes I wonder if it’s a good tour or just good times. I’m happy to know I can do an all-in-French tour, if need be!

If this is something that you’d like to do (or you know someone who it might) get in touch with me here or Facebook, Meetup and Google+.

I’m working hard to get the message out there that you don’t have to pay 85 euro’s and that running really aught to be free!

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August 13, 2016

New running course is the goods!

Paris running tour

Made a new running course today, and, as if by design, it was 10.03km.

Gotta be happy with that.

Jenny from Stockholm, Sweden came along today for the run after finding on our meetup page.

The run turned out to be less of a tour and more just good conversation!

I’ve yet to meet a runner I haven’t liked!

Today’s run was a variation of the usual theme, getting all the usual favorites, but just trimming the distance: Including the Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Panthéon, Luxembourg Gardens then down to  Les Invalides along the Seine with views of The Eiffel Tower then the Champs-Élysées, Arc de Triomphe and, finally, the Louvre.

Not bad for 10k…

Beautiful day for it, and stoked to have a good run that’ll make the folks keen on a 10k very happy!

Thanks to Jenny for coming out on one of our faster paced running tours!

If you’d like to run a scenic 10k around Paris, get in touch with me here or you can drop in on Facebook, Meetup and Google+.

Get the latest from our Free Running Tour of Paris

January 2, 2017

An article from Urban Mishmash!

Had a really nice article posted about the running tours on Urban Mishmash, go and check it out!

Urban Mishmash is an online guide to the art and cultural scene in Paris. Staying away from mainstream and touristic clichés, their website aims to inspire an authentic and wholesome experience of living in and exploring Paris! They seek out the best opportunities for sightseeing that exist in Paris – be it art exhibitions, cultural events or unusual things to do and secret places to discover. To experience Paris just as its locals do, visit Urban Mishmash’s website or follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Beautiful views of Paris from Montmartre . . . . . #instaparis #cityoflights #parisjetadore #seemyparis #thisisparis #france

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