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Free Running Tour of Paris

May 13, 2016

“Friday Free-day” Paris Running Tours

Paris Running Tours -


Today’s Friday Free-day tour of Paris was a warm one. A very hazy and foggy day that left some of the far off monuments shrouded out.

A beautiful run in any case, starting off at Notre-Dame Cathedral and heading over to Rive Gauche and the Latin Quarter the run weaved it way west towards Grand Palais, taking in views of the Eiffel Tower, and seeing Le Louvre, Tuileries and Concorde along the way.

Heading back to Notre-Dame, taking in the banks of the River Seine, the run went past Les Invalides and Musée d’Orsay.

Lovely to feel the warm sunshine on the back and take in the colors of the blooming trees which are really coming into spring.

A tougher run on the warmer day, but the pace was easy and, all up, the run time was a little over an hour.

January 29, 2016

The small print

A very small word on the “Paris on the Run” video in the Tours page.

It’s not my video (obviously…)

It’s a great video, but, alas, a little unrealistic; it’s used quite a bit of creative license (and, no doubt, some trips on the metro…)

While the running tours take in a lot of the great sights of Paris, the places featured in the video are pretty far-flung, and it would take a heck of a run to capture them all, especially as effortlessly as it looks in the video.

I’m not saying we couldn’t do it… What I am saying is that you’d want to have carbo-loaded for it!

Head back to our tours here.

Get the latest from our Free Running Tour of Paris

October 12, 2016

Palais Royal, Opera, The Louvre – A perfect day in Paris for a running tour

Paris Running Tour


A short and sweet run today on a gorgeous chilly morning in Paris: Perfect for running!

Took a bit of a different route on today’s run, focusing more on the Rive Droite (the north side of the Seine) rather than the usual Rive Gauche.

It was a good run, taking in the usual favourites of the Institute de France, Pont des Arts and the Louvre, and then moving on to new places like the Palais Royal, the other world famous Opera house… and then on to Les Halles and the underrated Saint Eustache cathedral, and then on to Chatelet to finish up.

A cheeky 5k loop on the north side of town. Not bad, but I think that next week we’ll be back to Rive Gauche and the usual favourites!!

If you’d like to come for and running tour you can get in touch with me here or Facebook, Meetup and Google+.